Five Places To Play Chess

Battling Blades

Where can you use our high-quality chess sets to show off your skill and level of prowess at this traditional game?

Well, you have a lot of options, really. Here are five of the best places to break out the board to show off your strategic planning skills.

At the Park

You've seen it in innumerable TV shows and movies – the old men at the park sitting on either side of the table and moving rooks, bishops and knights around, while trash talking each other in homespun and sentimental ways. Half the time, you can’t even be sure, from watching the show, if they’re making actual common-sense chess moves or not.

Anyway - that can be you!

It's easy to take our portable chest sets out to a local park and spend the day breaking down your opponents under a withering barrage of awesome chess moves. Try it yourself.

At the Breakfast Nook

Enjoy a quick game with a friend or loved one over a convenience store breakfast sandwich, and then get started with everything else you have to do during the day. Rain or shine, you can wake up with a good game, and get your mind limbered up for whatever the day brings.

In the Garage

Yes, these chess sets can be a perfect addition to a man cave, whether it's in the garage, or in the basement, or in a rec room. When it's just the guys hanging out, you can match wits and intellect starting from your home row and embarking on a mission to take the opponent’s queen.

Under a Tree

If there’s nothing else around, take your time playing chess under a majestic arboreal old-growth tree – but look out for Newton's apple to hit you on the head!

Fairs and Festivals

As an excellent way to enjoy time at your local Renaissance fair, these attractive chess sets can be an add-on to the blades and costumes you’re purchasing to show up in full cosplay. Or maybe there's a LARPing festival happening nearby. It's your choice!

Take a look at our versatile chess sets, and while you’re at it, peruse our high-quality blades, to get outfitted like an old soldier or conquistador, with a fine piece of steel at your side. For re-enacting the old times, we have the gear that you want! All of it is available with our full approval – we stand behind these products and we are committed to helping you get the best user experience in the wide world of e-commerce.