Features Of The Viking Sword

The Vikings were some of the fiercest fighters in history.  Capable of surviving against solid opposition, Vikings proved time and time again to be formidable foes. With their savvy sailing and fast longships, Vikings could reach coastal villages and be gone before villagers had time to call for assistance from surrounding communities.

The Vikings preferred to strike quickly, take what they could, and leave before organized resistance could pose a threat. However, when the time came for all-out combat, the Vikings would wield some of the most potent weapons in the world.

Swords From Viking Lands

Viking swords are revered for their powerful blades and expert craftsmanship. Swords from Viking lands have a lengthy and distinguished history throughout the middle ages, still present today. Swordsmakers would mark each weapon with a signature, but some counterfeit swords became preferred weapons of choice. Early Viking swords may even have been the predecessors to the knightly swords of the middle ages.

Features Of Viking Swords

Most Viking swords have similar design features that make them easily identified. Most Viking sword craftsmanship found elements such as the distinctive three-lobed wave pommel, short grip, wide fuller, and long straight double-edges. These swords tend to be shorter than the arming swords that knights were known to carry later in history. The reason for the sword’s shorter length could be a response to the needs of the Vikings.

Vikings were always on the move, sailing and on and off of ships raiding villages as well as other boats. Shorter swords would have allowed the Vikings to be more agile than large, cumbersome swords, aiding in the speed at which they carried out their raids. However, like knightly swords, Viking swords usually featured essential and even sacred phrases and pictographs in addition to the mark of the sword’s maker.

Modern Viking Swords

As the Vikings are an integral part of human history, their swords and weapons have become popular inspirations for modern swordsmiths and artisans. Expertly crafted Viking sword replicas are highly sought after by collectors and sword enthusiasts alike. Made from modern materials and crafted with attention to historical detail, many modern Viking swords are battle-worthy and also breathtaking pieces of art.

When adding a Viking sword to your collection, look for distinguishing characteristics that honor the original works of Viking swordsmiths. Quality in design, attention to detail, and expert craftsmanship should all be present in a product worthy of being labeled as a Viking sword.