Chess Set Buying Guide for Beginners| Battling Blades

 Buying a chess set is no brainer. Isn’t it? Yes, if you are just buying it for the sake of buying. But, if you are a chess freak or someone who wants to create a strong impression with a chessboard in your living room, you would love to spend some time understanding what to look for while buying a chessboard otherwise like many, you will also not able to realize why some go for a marble chess set and some for a wooden chess set.

Here is the systematic guide for buying a chessboard:

  1. Type

The first thing you need to consider while choosing a chessboard is the type of chessboard, which in turn depends on the purpose of use. In fact, all your decision-making varies according to the purpose of use. So, first, you need to define whether you want to use a chessboard for travel or in-home use. If you want to travel with a board, you need a hollow foldable board that can easily accommodate chess pieces, or a magnetic chessboard can also work great for you. However, for home, heavy straight boards will be great.

  1. Material

The choice of material also depends on the purpose of use. If you are looking for a chessboard that adds to the beauty of your house, nothing can serve better than a marble chess set. On the other hand, if you want to travel with your chessboard to attend a competition or just to have fun with friends during travel, definitely, a marble chessboard is not for you. You need a chessboard that is light in weight. A plastic chessboard or light wooden chessboard works perfectly for traveling.

  1. Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a chessboard is of prime importance when its main objective is to add to the elegance of your living room. Marble chessboards or premium carved wood chessboards are great when it comes to aesthetics. However, when you are looking for functionality, aesthetics becomes secondary. You want to buy something that is highly durable. Still, look for a chessboard that at least looks good. Plastic boards look decent but not for premium decor purposes. 

  1. Size

You can play a game of chess on a small or medium-sized board, but to use it as decor; you may need something of large size. Choose the size of the chessboard according to your needs. Small or medium size boards are ideal for travel, whereas large size boards are perfect for interior decor.   

  1. Price

Finally yet importantly, you may want to pay attention to price as well. Well, chessboards used for decors like a marble chess set or premium wood chess set are definitely more expensive than a regular plastic chessboard. However, if you want to play games with friends; plastic boards are good for you. Even for playing, you can invest in a wooden chessboard rather than a plastic board. It is not as expensive as it seems and lasts longer than plastic boards.

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