Battling Blades: The Best Swords at the Best Price

Battling Blades is amongst the very best blade designers and sells the finest quality swords and knives.  The items are handmade and the business is a family-owned business. The legacy has been transferred from generation to generation and the best quality weapons are being manufactured for the hunters and collectors. The most important aspect for Battling Blades is to make the best design and sell the swords and knives in accordance with the needs of their customers. The family is running the business efficiently. The craftsmanship is great and the whole family is proud of the work they have been accomplished.

The good news for all the collectors and hunters is at Battling Blades’ sale is on. You have a chance to get the best offers during the sale season. The family keeps adding latest designed weapons keeping in mind the ancient aspects which customers need.

Katana Sword:

This famous sword is historically known as the Samurai sword. Samurai of feudal and ancient Japan used this famous Japanese weapon. The unique feature of the Katana sword is that it has a curved, single-edged blade, a squared or circular guard along with a long two-handed grip. According to modern historians, the Katana sword is one of the finest cutting weapons across the world. Another fun fact about the Katana sword is that it is also a type of long sword which is more than 24 inches.  Battling Blades katanas are typically 40.5” long, the length of the most traditional of katanas.

Bastard Sword:

This is a very famous sword and is also famous with the name longsword. The bastard sword which is also known as a long sword is a type of European sword, featuring a cruciform hilt with a two-handed and a straight double-edged blade. The Medieval period considered the Bastard sword as a masterpiece. These swords were used by the people till the late 17th century. After the late medieval and Renaissance period, the Bastard Sword got its name. There are a wide variety of bastard swords available at Battling Blades. The most famous one is available at $184.99. The size of this bastard sword is 44 inches which indicate that the blade of this bastard sword is 38 inches and the handle is of 7 inches. The finest material is used to manufacture the Bastard sword.  Battling Blades has the highest quality steel available.

Viking Sword:  

Moving forward to the Viking swords, these are available in a variety and are manufactured with high carbon Damascus steel including 1095 steel which is folded five times to make more than 300 layers.  The Viking sword is also known as a Carolingian sword or Viking Age sword. These swords were found in Western and Northern Europe specifically during the early middle ages. The Viking swords are a part of the Merovingian sword and along with this, it was initially used by Scandinavian based Viking people.  Adding further, Viking swords are single-handed swords with a sharp tip. These swords were famous till the 12th century and afterward, these Viking swords were blended into Norman swords.


These Viking swords are one of the most popular categories of swords on Battling Blades.  Grab the best deals before the sale ends.

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