A Comprehensive Guide on Medieval Knight Armor Suits

An Overview

Back in medieval times, it was indeed a challenge to protect warriors in battle as the weapons used were so brutal.  The Knight Armor Suit was introduced to keep medieval knights alive.  It was very useful and led to one knight being able to defeat 5-10 enemy soldiers at any one time.

According to research and various surveys, it has been found that people still want to purchase these fantastic suits to get a feel of how it was for medieval knights.  However, before purchasing these suits and tools, it’s essential to know the most exciting things about them. 

The Knights Armor Suits

In the Middle Ages, it became a race to design the perfect suit of armor that matched the advancements in metal work at the time.  Blacksmiths' advancing skills and their passion for creating the perfect protection on the battlefield was at the forefront. 

Different types of armor suits for knights

Suits of armor are categorized into three different types by function, as below.

  • Field armor: this type of armor for knights was worn in combat. Being lightweight and flexible are two of the main characteristics of these suits.  It gave the knight a good chance of having good mobility while keeping healthy. 
  • Ceremonial armor: this type of armor for knights was designed for ceremonies. It was ornamental and draped with gold, silver, copper and cloth.  The appearance of ceremonial suits of armor were extremely important.
    • Jousting or tournament armor: to get high-end protection from jousting opponents, knights believed wearing this type of armor was one of their best decisions. It was mainly designed for providing protection against the joust, even if it meant reduced mobility. 

Different parts of a knight’s suit of armor

Blacksmiths created their armor to be more functional, practical,and decorative.  There are some parts that form the basics of medieval armor, as follows:

  • Helmet: It was designed to protect the face. 

  • Torso: It was designed to protect the stomach and upper body. 
  • Legs: It was designed to protect the upper and lower legs.
  • Arms: It was designed to protect the arms, hands and wrists.
  • Chainmail: It was designed to protect any other area that may have been exposed, creating weak spots.

The Weapons of Medieval Suits of Armor

During the the Middle Ages, a wide range of weapons were developed.  All of them were specially designed for use in the battle by the brave knights. 

Different types of weapons used by knights

  • The Spartan shield: It was used as an offensive weapon as much as a defensive one. The Spartan shield is still all the rage these days because of its incredible advantages. 

  • The lance: It was made of wood with sharp metal tip and helped the knight fight, or joust, with an opponent while riding a horse. 
  • The sword: It was a standard fighting weapon made out of mild steel and doubled-edged, dependent on the owner’s wealth. 

The Bottom Line

The utmost advantage to a knight’s suit of armor was the high-end protection it provided.  Even today, people are interested in purchasing the best suit of armor for a knight for a wide range of reasons.  If you are planning on purchasing the best suit of armor or weapons, start your hunt for top licensed, genuine professionals who will guarantee to offer the best of all.