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Immerse yourself in the world of epic battles, chivalrous knights, and legendary heroes with our collection of meticulously handcrafted steel masterpieces.
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“Best Quality I Have Ever Seen. It Feels Like Living in History."

Where do I begin, I purchased this for myself hoping that it would be a bit better than all of the other ones I have destroyed before due to their lack of stress and strength endurance. Boy was I surprised.

This was the real deal. It's not a toy that you give your kids to go play in the yard with. It's a whole different story, it's made for battle and work, nothing more, nothing less. From the hand wrapped pommel, too the hand sharpened steel, this is a great defensive and offensive piece that you can put on the stand that comes with it, or practice your skills with it. It's easy to care for and keep in good condition with the care box that comes with it as well. It also has a great sharpening stone and a whetstone that will help keep it sharp.

The price is very low for what you are getting, I have not seen a good, affordable piece like this, not to mention customizations you can do like etching, engraving or even designing your own piece entirely. If you are looking for something from a specific era, this is definitely your go to place.

James W.

Verified Customer

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